A total of 300 sentient beings,  please catch your one
And our NFT trading market is about to open
Some have been seen hanging out at


Sentient Beings is a collection of 300 Abstract portraits.

Abstract art collection protected by Bitcoin.You can see Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and other works of similar stvles in Sensor Beinas.

Joys and sorrows, all kinds of life, sad or happy
Everyone has his thinking, and everyone is Hamlet
This is a play. Each of us is an actor
This is the most real performance, because this is ourselves

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Stacks is built on Bitcoin
Stacks' mission is to create a better, user owned and decentralized Internet, which is the most tested and valuable blockchain in the world.

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  1. Full Commercial Rights to use any Sentient Beings NFT you currently hold, the imagery, and associated metadata in any way you see fit.

  2. Each sentient beings is an original work and unique. If you are an abstract art lover and have such a work order and hang it in the living room, it will be very cool.

  3. We will launch on multiple platforms at the same time

  4. After successful delivery, we will publish our rare list

  5. Everyone who owns the sentient beings NFT will be our early supporters, they will have higher priorities, and we will prepare surprises for them!

  6. We will establish a collection of official derivatives of sentient beings to increase sufficient liquidity. If your work is our favorite, we will buy it and it will be a part of the permanent collection of the official Art Museum of Sentient Beings

  7. We plan to make further preparations for community DAO autonomy, let every enthusiast participate, and create a more cohesive community. I hope we can go further

  8. Sentient Beings 2.0 is already in preparation...


  1. What’s an NFT?

    An NFT stands for” non-fungible token”, a one of a kind token that proves ownership of a digital item. Once you own that item, you can then do lots of other things, like sell it, hold it, show it off, use it to access a chat room (like Discord) and much more. For some NFT’s - the main function is to simply be visual art and look cool, while some are audio-based, and others offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event. In short, it’s something unique, which you alone own. It can be art, and can also act as a “members” card. If you’d like to go deeper into what NFTs are, and how they work.

  2. Stacks Wallets

    Unlike traditional apps, decentralized apps can’t control your account, funds, and data for you. This is where your wallet comes in — it's a tool for managing your Stacks account and connecting it to apps. Your Stacks account is not tied to any particular wallet, a wallet is just an interface around your account. You can switch wallets whenever you want — they’ll all work with your account and Stacks apps. Learn more

  3. What's the surprise?

  4. Airdrop? Priority? White list?

  1. Join us

    Join , "Discord" have a dialogue and let us know your suggestions!!

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  3. Discord:https://discord.gg/wYM8Stzg